Welcome to "Robots n Kids"

Robots n Kids, Inc. provides LEGO ROBOTICS classes in San Jose, bay area (in San Jose,
Fremont, Milpitas) for kids, which are designed to encourage them to exercise their creative side,
its creative play. These classes will also expose kids to team oriented projects. Robotics systems
such as Lego Mindstorms, VEX are used to teach these classes.

It is extra-curricular activity with academic focus. This is an opportunity to ignite the young minds.
This will show them that if you try hard enough they can do anything. These skills will start at
elementary school level and will continue through middle and high school level. It is hands-on
experience and have fun while playing with Lego.  It is all about Robots and Kids.

                                          Future belongs to our children.
                     Give them the opportunity to exceed their expectations.


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Academic Year CLASSES: click here.      

                   You can also send an e-mail to: info@robotsnkids.com
Some pictures from our classes
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Kids from various schools in bay area come to our robotics classes and camps. We have children in our Robotics class who go to
schools in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont, Cupertino and Santa Clara. Children in our Robotics classes go to schools - Challenger, St.
Francis Cabrini, Almaden, Holy spirit, Canyon Heights, Williams Elementary, Champion.
We offer special discounts periodically through Amazon Local, Livingsocial. Search for Lego Robotics classes bay area amazon local
, or Livingsocial.We use LEGO Mindstorms system using NXT, EV3.