LEGO ROBOTICS

    Following description is for program during school year:

There two levels in Lego Robotics. These classes are offered during the school year. Each Level
has 3 quarters. Children can come for Level II after finishing Level I. Level II is not for beginners.

Level I
This is for kids 3rd grade and up. Activities will involve exploring the features of Lego
Mindstorms NXT in building a robot, working in teams. Recommended age for kids is 8+.

Level II
This level is for kids who have completed our Level I program or have good experience and
knowledge with NXT system. Activities will involve constructing and programming of variety of
robots using Lego Mindstorms NXT. Recommended age for kids is 9+ (This is for kids
4th grade
and up

Level III
This level is for kids who have very good knowledge of building Robots with Lego Mindstorms
system. Programs will be developed in C, Java language. Minimum age for this program is 10yrs.
Good experience in using PC is required.

Complexity increases in terms of Math and programming as the classes progress.
Lego is a registered trade mark of The Lego company.

    Following description is for program during school year:

In this program children will learn the basics of GameDesign/Animation. Child can choose to work on
creating a Game or an Animation. Children will be expected to be familiar with the use of computer.
Minimum age for children to attend this program is 8 yrs.

Programming is done using graphical blocks (No coding is necessary). This will give children an
opportunity to bring their creative ideas to the Game or an Animation.
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Robots n Kids, Inc offers classes during the SCHOOL YEAR and SUMMER in San Jose, Fremont,
Milpitas in San Francisco Bay area.

We offer classes in two types of programs:
- Lego Robotics
- GameDesign/Animation